The easy solution to complete your Form 1 Vendor’s Statements online at any time

Form1Docs is a safe, competitively priced, fully online service that provides quick turnaround for Form 1 Vendor’s Statements (Form 1).

Each Form 1 is carefully prepared by our experienced legal staff and is signed off by our senior lawyers. This ensures that your Form 1 is personalised to suit your needs and is of a high quality.

Our online service allows you to submit your Form 1 order 24 hours a day. As part of your order you need to answer questions about your property. When your order is submitted to us, we will order the statutory property searches needed to complete your Form 1. We will ensure that your Form 1 is prepared as soon as the searches are back.

Your answers and the property searches are then reviewed by us and used to produce a tailored Form 1 document.

As a Form 1 online business unit, we offer value for money through greater efficiencies, our fixed fees and better response times. This means you know exactly what you’re paying and that you will receive your tailored Form 1 document promptly.

Our aim is to provide an easy, streamlined, fully online service for Form 1 documentation that is fast and competitively priced.